Department of Dental Surgery

A visit to the dentist often conjures up images of a scary person in a white coat surrounded by contraptions and instruments that have the potential to inflict considerable amount of pain. This fear, along with lack of awareness are some of the primary reasons for oral health care being so neglected.

The aim of our dental department is to provide comprehensive oral treatment for the patient, in a comfortable environment, with as minimal pain as possible. The Dental department is well established and well equipped.

Oral prophylaxis, restorative dentistry, root canal treatments, crown and bridge, dental prosthetics (dentures), pediatric dental care, splinting and intermaxillary fixation are some of the procedures done regularly in our OPD. We have a visiting orthodontic consultant who places orthodontic appliances (teeth braces) at a very affordable cost. Medically compromised patients are treated on a routine basis after consent from the attending physician. We also have the facility to monitor high risk patients during the dental procedure. Patients who require in patient treatment are admitted in the ward. All patients are advised about optimal oral care and the correct brushing technique is demonstrated to the patient by the staff nurse.