Department of Family Medicine

The FAMILY MEDICINE DEPARTMENT provides continuing, comprehensive care in a personalized manner to patients of all ages and to their families. FAMILY MEDICINE DEPARTMENT is concerned and proactive in managing the health needs of the individual,while at the same time maintaining a life-long rapport with the individual and his family.

FAMILY MEDICINE emphasizes continuing responsibility for total health care—from the first contact and initial assessment through the ongoing care of chronic problems. Prevention and early recognition of disease are essential features of this discipline. Coordination and integration of all necessary health services with the least amount of fragmentation and the skills to manage most medical problems allows the family medicine department to provide cost- effective health care.

An active DNB program has set the tone and tenor for the department in its multivarious community social thrusts.

The family medicine department is presently engaged in HIV COMPREHENSIVE CARE through two ongoing projects, viz PERIODICAL SENSITISATION OF STAFF and COMMUNITY AWARENESS PROGRAMS via networking with NGOs,POSITIVE SUPPORT group, MAHALIR MANDRAM, ART centers and SELF HELP groups.