Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

The obstetrics and gynecology department aims at providing
. comprehensive antenatal care
. a suitable environment for safe delivery
. meeting the health needs of women from adolescence to menopause

Our department consists of 6 doctors with well trained supporting staff nurses.
All pregnant women are counselled in detail about pregnancy, potential problems and have appropriate tests done to ensure a safe pregnancy and delivery. Our labor room is 7 bedded with an average of 60-80 deliveries per month. In the labor room we have an electronic monitor to assess the alterations in fetal heart rate during labor. We encourage a normal delivery as much as possible and also have facilities to do Caesarian Sections when indicated

In gynecology, Pap smear test as a screening for cervical cancer is done for all eligible women on a routine basis.  Abdominal and vaginal operations including laproscopy assisted procedures are being carried out regularly.

Investigations for infertility are also done for couples who are not able to conceive and appropriate advice and treatments are carried out.

Peripheral clinics for rural antenatal mothers are conducted at 3 places- airport area, Thuvakudi and Kailasapuram.

To support the ongoing DNB course, regular teaching programs in the form of clinicals, lectures and group case discussions are carried out.