Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology

The Orthopaedic work started from 11.02.1985 as the first additional speciality in the C.S.I. Mission General Hospital, Woriur, Trichy-3. With the abundant Grace of God and His continued faithfulness the department has made steady progress to its present status.

Out patients are seen on all week days and emergencies are attended to 24/7.Apart from dealing with all routine cases of Musculo skeletal complaints, fractures and dislocations, specialized operations like Arthroscopy, Total Hip replacement operations are carried out successfully ever since 1988 and successful Knee replacement operations are being carried out ever since 1999 making this department the pioneer in this field in the central districts of the state. Major Spine surgeries to treat Spinal injuries with or without paraplegia, infections and tumours of the spine are carried out routinely.

Complex and complicated cases of failed internal fixations of fractures and revision surgery for failed joint replacement are also carried out making this a referral centre for many. Children with Club feet, other congenital deformities and emergencies like bone and joint infections and injuries are managed effectively.

DNB course in Orthopaedics offers excellent hands on training to young and aspiring surgeons ever since June 2006.

Free operations for various kinds of fractures and inter-vertebral disc prolapse etc are done under the Chief Minister ‘s Insurance Scheme for life saving procedures and operations.

Two dedicated operating theatres, apart from a separate one for septic cases, well equipped with Image intensifiers, Anaesthetic equipment, Multipara monitors, Piped in oxygen supply and continuous suction, all contribute to high quality and precision operations under a safe environment to the patients .

Fully equipped Physiotherapy department with qualified Physiotherapists adds to the pre and post operative care in addition to treating other Musculo-skeletal conditions like backache, etc.

The Orthopaedic department serves as a desired destination for patients with Orthopaedic and trauma related problems.